• Private Investment

    MacroTrend Capital Group represents institutional assets and sovereign families and invests in forward thinking economic development projects that embrace disruptive technologies economic development and initiatives that simply, make a difference. Maximizing the value of disruptive technology, MacroTrend positions its investments for long term growth and job creation. With proprietary IP in its portfolio, MacroTrend has created a sustainable competitive advantage in the market. Our investment approach combines the best elements of venture capital without the ROI requirement of outside shareholders, hence providing a longer term outlook and ability to support its investments.

    Strategic Executive Consulting & Investment Banking

    Providing high end strategic consulting services, MacroTrend works with private and public companies towards enhancing shareholder value through maximizing operational efficiencies and effectiveness, public investor relations and investment banking. MacroTrend is an institutional trade consultant and has extensive international relationships.

    MacroTrend Investment Fund LP

    The MacroTrend Investment Fund's general trading scheme is based on a proprietary trading model developed by the General Partner trading mostly derivatives. Along with sound analysis, proprietary technical trading models and proper risk management tools, the Fund is performing at a high return. There are multiple indexes traded based on Macro-Economic trends and proprietary analysis.