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Kevin D. Gluckstal

Founder, CEO & CIO

Mr. Gluckstal began in his family business of real estate development in New York City, NY. After developing over $900 million in real estate, Mr. Gluckstal entered into the public securities and finance markets. Transitioning into private executive strategic consulting in the mid 2000’s, Mr. Kevin Gluckstal serves as the Group’s liaison within institutional markets managing institutional trade and asset management for qualified members of his private strategic alliances via his proprietary resources as a strategic arm for a global finance syndicate. Mr. Gluckstals strategic alliances span the globe representing 10 countries and bring critically needed facets to any business. Mr. Gluckstal has extensive knowledge of markets which include international economics, real estate and infrastructure development, renewable/clean energy, telecom, oil and gas, precious metals mining, public securities and finance, private secondary market finance and institutional banking. Mr. Gluckstal is CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Atlas United Trust AG, DMDV International Trust AG, as well as Chief Investment Officer and General Manager of the MacroTrend Investment Fund, LP. Mr. Gluckstal, a Gulf War veteran having received two commendations and four service medals for his service, earned a B.A. in Economics, awarded Omicron Delta Epsilon, from C.W. Post - Long Island University.

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